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First Looks!

As photographers, we are enamored by this growing trend of doing a "first look"! It’s been on our minds lately and, to be honest, it's hard to find a downside to choosing this for your wedding day.

We wanted to share just a few of the many reasons we LOVE first looks and why we recommend them to our clients:

You get a better reaction

It’s ceremony time and that means, it’s time to walk down the aisle. You’ve been waiting for this, perhaps for a very long time. At last, the music plays, the doors open wide and there you are! For most people, this is the defining moment of the wedding day. This moment is magical!

In our experience, having a first look with your loved one doesn’t take away from this moment. In fact, it makes it that much better!

Incorporating a first look enables you to have already spent a little time together to relax and bond before the ceremony. In doing so, it may be easier to tune out any stress, allow you to enjoy your special day, and focus on what is most important; your love together.

During a first look you are able to touch, connect and tell one another how incredible you look! Most ceremonies last a minimum of 15 minutes. During that time, it's usually considered faux pas to talk or interact unless directed by the officiant. If you have to wait until after the ceremony, the reaction just isn't the same.

You get to be alone together

The reality of the wedding day is that there isn’t much time alone with one another. For many of our couples, the first look may be the only chance they have to share an intimate moment.

However, if it’s the excitement you’re looking for you are always more than welcomed to invite parents and/or the wedding party to be part of this moment to give it some hype or added sentiment.

It takes pressure off of your timeline

In a traditional timeline, the first time you are together as a married couple there is a rush of excitement including photos of family, wedding party, the two of you, congratulations from friends and family, signing of the marriage license and not to mention getting the dress bustled and lining up for introductions.

With a first look it is possible to schedule your family and wedding party shots before the ceremony. This gives not only them, but you and your new spouse a moment to transition into reception time and maybe even attend cocktail hour, spend time with guests, and enjoy the day!

You get more out of your investment

We’ve noticed first hand that when our couples opt for a first look they get more photos. Ultimately, it gives us more time to explore the venue and take full advantage of the creative opportunities the location you chose has to offer.

There really is a special charm in those last few moments together as a couple before you begin your married journey. With having a first look, we are able to capture the romantic and intimate moments as you go from fiancés to newlyweds!

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